The Hotel

As we frequently were rowing by this forgotten farmland on the banks of Maranhão, we fell in love with the place and started identifying with it. We knew nothing about the hospitality business back then, but had a dream about creating an amazing training camp experience based on acquired knowledge, passion and desire as a professional athlete. As time went by we bought the estate, and brought with us architects, Americans and consultants. Athletes from Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and even New Zealand started arriving. Some, after being here, became Olympic Champions.

The hotel was born with nature, with a purpose to respect it. For this reason, the main concern of the architects was to integrate the Alentejo countryside into a modern, comfortable space, open to the field and in compliance with the new rules on energy efficiency. Solar and water resources are part of the energy supply throughout the hotel.

Video of the hotel and the lake

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•   Four Star Hotel on a private farm 

•   Excellent starting point for cycling, running, open water swimming and rowing/caneoing 

•   30 rooms with direct access to the outdoors, pool, lake and gym

•   25 meter swimming pool

•   Private access to the lake

•   Professionalized gym

•   Panoramic restaurant with nutritious, local cuisine

•   Conference room for 60 people

•   Outdoor activities and cultural adventures

•   Free Wi-Fi 


We are located a scenic two hours drive from Lisbon.