About Us

Each new team is greeted as a fresh challenge and as welcomed guests in our centre. Our goal is that high performance athletes enjoy each day spent at the centre and are able to get the most out of the superb water conditions available. Our drive is to meet the slightest needs of each team. Our staff works exclusively for each of the team, providing round the clock support. "Just let us know what you want". Free afternoons and day's off activities can be tailored to suit each team's wishes.

Luis Ahrens Teixeira

Degree in Economics by Universidade Nova de Lisboa. 
High Level Competition Rowing Athlete from 1992 to 2004

With 9 World Championships under his belt, which saw him win bronze in Indianapolis in ’94 and again in the World Cup regattas of Poznan and Munich in ’04, and 12 years of rowing at the highest level, experiencing nearly every top European training centre and several other across the world, he knows what elite athletes are looking for when they come to a training centre.


Pedro Alte da Veiga

Degree in Design by IADE of Lisbon 
Degree in Architecture by Universidade Lusiada of Lisbon

One of the founders of the Avizaqcua Team Center / Herdade da Cortesia Hotel project in 2004, Pedro as a long experience working in architecure and design. Pedro is also responsable for the architecture of the hotel. Since the first years Pedro has been looking after the teams and responsable for the logistics of the centre.


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