About Us

Avizaqcua Team Center and Herdade da Cortesia Hotel were both founded from passion, with a strong desire to create a fulfilled and unique training camp experience for high performance athletes, through a symbiosis between focus on training, nutrition and relaxation. The district is authentic and calm, and you can indulge yourself in pure cultural experiences in the landscape and small villages nearby.

Luis Ahrens Teixeira

Degree in Economics by Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
High Level Competition Rowing Athlete from 1992 to 2004.

With 9 World Championships under his belt, co-founder and general manager Luis experienced nearly every top European training center and several others across the world. He personally learned to detail what elite athletes are looking for in a training camp. Together with architect Pedro Alte da Veiga, the hotel was constructed to meet every requirement for an optimized training experience.  

Luis has been organizing training camps in Portugal since 2005. The freestanding gym is designed to meet an athlete’s requirements. Our swimming pool is 25 meters long, and we have private access to 55 km of flat water on the lake, with 3 different branches to row in. The calm roads are stretching throughout the wild landscape, and you can easily make round-trips by bike or by foot.


Pedro Alte da Veiga

Degree in Design by IADE of Lisbon.
Degree in Architecture by Universidade Lusiada of Lisbon.

Pedro is one of the founders of the Avizaqcua Team Center and Herdade da Cortesia Hotel. Pedro has a long experience working in architecture and design, and responsible for the architecture of the hotel. Since the first years, Pedro has been looking after the teams and been responsible for the logistics at the center.