Training Camps

The Team Avizaqcua is responsible for organizing training camps in Portugal for several teams since 2005.

Each new team is greeted as a fresh challenge and as welcomed guests in our centre. Our goal is that high performance athletes enjoy each day spent at the centre and are able to get the most out of the superb water conditions available.

Our drive is to meet the slightest needs of each team. Our staff works exclusively for each of the team, providing round the clock support. "Just let us know what you want". Free afternoons and day's off activities can be tailored to suit each team's wishes.

  • No water traffic
  • Mild winters, warm springs, hot summers
  • 55km of flat water
  • 3 different branches to row in
  • 2km rowing course
  • Food catering for specific for each team
  • Personalized teatment
  • Free airport transfers for the main group
  • Boat rentals available

National Rowing Teams

GB Rowing Team

Denmark Rowing Team

Norway Rowing  Team

German Rowing  Team

Austria Rowing Team

Swiss Rowing Team

Sweden Rowing  Team

Netherlands Rowing  Team

Russian Rowing  Team

Belgium Rowing  Team

Other Teams

Charterhouse School

Oxford University LW Team

Radley College Boat Club

West England University

University of York

London Rowing Club

Geneva Rowing Team

Norske Studenters Roklub

Karen Simmons Master Rowing

Rojabo Master Rowing

Frankfurter RG Germania

Auriol Kesington Rowing Club

Royal Chester RC


Sweden Canoeing Team

Portugal National Team

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